The Girl on the Scooter

In 2016, I became the proud owner of a PGO scooter. A second hand one, but still a scooter nonetheless. Technically, it is the first vehicle that I own completely on my own. I bought it with my money, my name is on the registration, and I am the primary driver. After moving in with my partner, I soon realised that I could no longer rely on the short walk into the CBD to make my life easier. I needed a new method of transportation, and since I couldn’t exactly afford a car, a scooter was the next best option.

I had never driven a scooter before, let alone owned one, so it was a pretty exciting experience. A brand new scooter was out of the question, but lucky for us Australians, there’s this thing called Gumtree where you can buy all the hand-me-downs you could ever desire. People post ads for jobs, try to sell old clothes, promote rooms for rent, and, as you have probably guessed, sell vehicles like scooters.


After a while of searching, I found a second-hand one available for $700, not too far from where I lived. My partner managed to negotiate it down to $650, and then I had myself a scooter. A small, cheap to run, pretty reliable scooter. If you like driving across country, or going very fast, I probably wouldn’t recommend a scooter. They can’t really go above 60km an hour and aren’t generally allowed on highways. But if you love to zip around the city and feel the freezing cold wind in your hair, then maybe you should try it out.

I never really pictured myself as a scooter driver. My favourite car has always been a Volkswagen Beetle. Bright yellow and cute as a bubble. Or, if you really want to dream big, a Ferrari. I mean, come on, who doesn’t dream of that? But it turns out that it’s actually quite enjoyable, and very convenient for negotiating city traffic. You can slip through gaps that a car could never fit into and find free parking spots right in the heart of the city. To be fair, I have already injured myself while using it, but that was mostly because I’m clumsy and end up injuring myself wherever I go. I’m sure if you owned a scooter that would never happen.


So what is the point of this story, you may be asking? Nothing. Nothing at all. Except to say that owning a scooter can be pretty fun, and pretty damn useful when you live in a city.

With sunshine and rainbows,



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  1. alrharris says:

    I love riding my scooter too … for no reason at all πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

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